Thursday, March 31, 2011

Доoooбре Раaaaнук Amurrrrica!

I know... I know... it's been a while.

With moving, school, host familyish, and having little to no language ability, it's made finding internet a bit hard. But by this time tomorrow, I will have spent my first week in Kozelets!

Can I first say how awful / liberating it is to be disconnected to facebook and email for 5 days - literally 60 emails and a good 30 facebook notifications (granted there were a fair bit of pointless Cal Poly asking for stuff emails). So thanks friends and family for the love / tags I would have untagged 5 days ago if I could.

I guess I wasn't really completly disconnected - I did pick up a duel sim cell phone on Life:) My number is +38 063 656 7576. All incoming calls are free. So feel free to dial that number, as is, if you want to chat! 

Anyways, yes I am alive and indeed full of potatoes, borcht, and tea. Life in Kozelets for PST is going well. The town is pretty quaint and the cathedral looks awesome on a nice sunny day like today. I'm currently living with just my host mom Natasha. She has one son Shenya (age: 20) who goes to university about an hour away in Chernihiv who visits every weekend. My room is actually pretty big (I'm pretty sure it's Shenya's room) with lots of closet space, a desk, and a tv to watch Ukraine's Got Talent. Oh, and I do have hot water! I'm actually the 5th volunteer Natasha has had so she's kind of got this down to a science. She's awesome and helps me with language every night. We also go running at the sadium every evening. We have a dog Jake and a cat (which I can't remember her name). Both aren't allowed inside though. Natasha is very popular socialite of Kozelets haha - her 3 cell phones is always ringing.

Stray dogs here are everywhere! Picture squirrels, but substitude dogs - it's actually kind of sad, I want to own all of them.

My school scheduling is pretty flexible - I started at 9AM this week and it usually went to like 3PM. Classes are held at my LCF (language and culture facillitators) home and am greated every morning by their awesome puppy Rex (literally cutest dog ever - I will be posting pictures eventually)!  Aside from language, I'll also be working with a public school thoughout training. Thereofre, we just have to fit four hours of Ukrainian lessons at some point in the day. 
My cluster is pretty funny / hillarious - and I'm the only boy - so all of their host mothers want to marry me off... it can be a bit awkward.
Alright, I only have 4 more minutes left on this hour of internet so I better rap it up. Again, I'm alive and my belly is full (isn't that all that really matters?).

Also, spell check is in Ukrainian so... ha.


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  1. Claire can feel free to make unreasonable Polar Bear and/or baby Seal demands; I just want that puppy. Right MEOW!!