Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Recap

Back at the internet club... one week later.

Week three is about it pick up in busyness a few folds. Besdies the four hours of language we have daily, I have to teach a healthy lifestyles lesson on Thursday on Conflicts and Their Affect to 6th formers (10-11 year olds). The best part, most of it should be taught in Ukrainian! Very much scary, but I'll deal.

I am excited for Monday - which is cooking day! Our new LCF Natasha is going to teach us how to make borch and we're going to teach her how to make stir fry.

Still in the process of mastering brick face. Had the option to eat fish heads to finner today but opted for the body of the fish - wasn't ready to take that leap.

Other then that, life is the usual, hit up the Bazar today with the cluster mates - could have bought a pig in a sack or a rooster - can't say I wasn't tempted. Also the owner of the house we do language lessons had a communication misunderstanding with me - led to awkwardness.

Well, I should get a start on some of this stuff I have to prep for the week.

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