Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear San Luis...

While I know we've been seeing each other for four years now, it's sad for me to see our lives moving in separate directions with nothing to do about it. With you staying put and me moving away, I can't see how we can keep up what we're doing. This conversation should probably be done in person however I know that writing it down is the most honest way for me to say how I truly feel and I hope you respect that. San Luis... we need to break up.
one of our first sunsets - circa 9/24/06
I'd first like to say how great it was to see our mutual friends and catch up in person one final time. Even though you knew it'd be the last time we'd see each other for some time, you remained your bright and sunny self and it put my worries at ease of how the future between us will be. 

my favorite video of you

I'm not sure if you knew this, but we actually met on my 18th birthday and I instantly knew we had something. You were always my go to distress freshmen year when we'd go running just about every weekend (though we all know I gave up on running second and third year).  I know summers were especially hard for me to be away from you - don't get me wrong I love Carlsbad and what she had to offer (in case you're reading), but you and our friends always found a way to find new adventures and debaucherous activities to get in.

Don't even get me started on hiking - obviously one of our favorite thing (which looking back on we totally should have done more of). Remember that one time - wait, I found a picture... look at us, gosh we're epic!  And that one time we hiked to the full top of The P in the pitch black with only crappy flashlights - good times.

Do you remember my house 2nd and 3rd year - ridiculous. I wish I could bring that kitchen with me. You were probably initially a bit jealous of our neighbors (or the creepy old woman across the street), but you learned to like them too (the neighbors, not the creepy woman).

Some of my most vivid things I remember of us were some of the noms we shared. You are an awesome cook - or better yet, chief / barista / bartender / etc... While we all know your specialty was Pint Nights, Chai Teas, & BBQ Tri-tip (which you did - amazingly), I was most fond of your small town, mom and pop style service that made me feel at home.

Senior year I'd say put the most stress on our relationship and I apologize for that. I was literally always busy and I'm sure you felt left out - but you understood I was doing something that would help better the next set of people you'd meet and befriend. 
But I'd say we still managed to have some fun - like owning my roommates room or finding your hidden dinosaur (while simultaneously almost dying from a car sized tumbleweed). 
Anyways, I want you to know I'll always be there for you and we should stay in touch (figure out skype already). Who knows, two years down the line our paths may cross again and we can pick up where we left off. But until then, I immensely enjoyed our time we spent together and have learned so much from you - reunion in 2k13, start planning!
Ain't she pretty

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