Monday, March 21, 2011

Made it to DC!

After a whirlwind day of flying yesterday, I've made it to Washington DC with everything I intending to bring! American Airlines neglected to check the weight of my bags (which were only a couple pounds over anyways) so I had no issues with that. 

However TSA made up for it. I guess I can't blame them - I was wearing combat boots so I must have looked suspicious. But my carry-on had to be re-x-rayed (real word?) three times and then physically searched. They were however impressed with my packing ability, which made me happy. 

Flight from SD to Chicago was fine, no crying babies, and I ended up siting next to another volunteer, which was awesome. Layover in Chicago was boring - I would keep the same plane to DC so I just sat there on the plane for an hour. And the final flight from Chicago to DC was rather quick, and I learned all about crazy librarian conventions from the woman sitting next to me. 

My theory of how I would manage to roll / carry / baby Carlos my luggage worked! Three volunteers and myself ended up sharing a van taxi to the hotel. It was a circus to watch all the bags go in but it somehow worked out. 
Apologies for the bag quality - on the iPod
The four of us went out for Thai food (sadly the last yellow curry for some time) and shortly after found myself passing out.

Staging and orientation begins in a half hour so I guess it's time to get ready. 

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