Tuesday, March 01, 2011

20 Day Mark

Let's begin with a picture that sums up my current and general life.
awesome sauce...
Life is a waiting game right now for a couple reasons...
  • I want my Euro 2012 tickets for March 8 of Ukraine vs (Insert Team) in Kyiv
    • buying two and seeking companion to go with (craigslist ad?)
  • Could March 20th come any sooner?!
Anyways, March has finally arrived and hopefully that means Spring is just around the corner in Ukraine - who wouldn't want to bypass the -9°C currently for another 9 months. My checklist of things to do / get is down to ten, weekend activities are booked, and only seven days left at work. I think I'm in pretty good shape - because god knows it will get crazy come the final few days.

Packing is coming along - meaning it's all in a pile still in my closet. I think clothes and things billowing out is a good sign, right? I've yet to weigh anything out of fear, but I'm confident I'll make it work. 

Language training is still something I need to get on. I was really diligent the first few weeks and have since been focusing on other, more immediate, aspects of prepping for departure. However I'm dedicating this month to learning the Cyrillic alphabet and hopefully trying to read a few words (and now I'm back to being 5 years old).

Other then that, tonight I'm actually pretty excited for because... 
  1. I found a place that sells this Ukraine Travel Guide which I will be purchasing.
  2. A few Ukraine Group 41 San Diego PCV's are meeting up for Russian food! I've heard the food is awesome / I pray it is because I'm sure I'll be consuming a lot of it.
I think that about sums it up - however after finishing posting this, I returned to my other tab to find this.
more awesome sauce...
I guess I'll try again later.

UPDATE: food was indeed awesome.


  1. Borscht was awesome! I did Ukrainian/Russian food on Saturday and it was pretty delicious. Be prepared for lots of sour cream...

    Good luck getting your tickets :)

  2. good thing sour cream is delicious... especially on Mexican food.