Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lazy Weekends are Da Best

With every first of the month comes a few things...
  • new monies put into my account (all ~ $300.00!)
  • cell phone bills
  • monthly scheduling 
  • etc
so basically I needed time to catch up on my life and sleep. And after taking a gander at what my gCal says my life will be like for October - not to mention it's supposed to start to snow this month, it's been awesome to have this weekend free.
I'll proudly admit I've basically been in my pj's for 92% of the weekend - only getting "put together" for my outing to town for the bazaar, supermarket, and ATM. I finished the book I've been reading (now in dire need of a new one) and caught up on TV shows, friends, news, emails, music (like I said, all things revolving around life). 

Speaking of friends, check out this sexy Skype session with MP... granted it was 3AM in Santa Cruz. 

It reminded me of said YouTube video. 

Anyways, life is good, belly is full
Thanks for tuning in

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