Saturday, October 15, 2011

Triwizard Tournament - Ukr Version

Maybe it’s because I finally finished the last Harry Potter novel a few weeks ago but I find myself trying to find references to Mr. Potter in all aspects of my life, hence the name of this post. 

So come Tuesday and Wednesday I found myself not in school but rather on the school marshrutka packed with students to a neighboring village, unaware and anxious for what the future had in store. 

And when I say packed, I don’t think Americans can comprehend the Ukrainian version of packed. Not like every seat was filled, but like every seat was double filled with people also standing (safety always comes first, right)? But I really think this sort of forced interactions (both social and physical) between students of young and old really creates a more cohesive student body where they look out and care for one another. It’s been really interesting to be part of such a small school coming from an educational system where there was 3000 people in my high school. 

Sorry, tangent...

Arriving revealed hundreds of kids and an amass of other school buses at a school. I procured later that 11 different schools within the rayon arrived to partake in an annual competition between schools (hence the triwizard reference). 
My self imposed role was photographer and moral booster (the masculine word for cheer leader). Let me tell you, this “ish” was pretty legit. 

Once the singing and dancing ended, all the adidas wear was busted out - those symbolic 3 stripes were everything. It's crazy how much that company has such a hold on Ukraine. 
Competitions included, though not limited too (I couldn’t see everything)
  • History of the region
  • Traditional Ukrainian Dancing
  • Singing
  • Long / short distance running
  • Jump roping
  • Obstacle relay races
    • everything thing from leap frog to hula hooping
  • Long jump
  • etc...
The only way to describe it was an odd track and field / academic league competition. It was by far the best few days I’ve had at school, I feel I really meshed with my target audience. 
Harkushyntsi school ended up placing 4th which wasn't too shabby.
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