Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthdays with Mr. Coco

If you feel so inclined, you can get your ukr dance party going while you read.
So as most of you know, my birthday has come and gone and Ukrainians spared no expense in "expressing their wishes of wealth, happiness, and that all my plans find their way to success". I tried to make it clear that I'm not one to enjoy celebrating my own birthday... however I guess either they didn't understand my Ukranglish / didn't listen.

The day consisted of a few things repeated over and over...

  1. flowers - enough to where I presume a small garden was decimated (a moment of silence please)
  2. the happy birthday song sung in with an Eastern European accent
  3. home made cards
A few highlights of the day included a massive torso sized cake that the faculty refused to eat, a jar of Nutella gifted by the 5th form, and Robin Hood.
An interesting thing about Ukraine is that each city has it's own "day", for instance Myrhorod Day (which I think pertains to the day the Nazis left said town/city). Anyways, Myrhorod day ended up being celebrated my birthday weekend. So, once my school day ended, I made my way to Myrhorod where I spent the rest of the day with my sitemate Robin. 
The 8:45 morning train was actually on time and wasn't late arriving to Kyiv - in essence my true birthday present from Ukraine. I was able to grab my Mickey D's and shawarma fix and hung out with friends for the rest of the weekend. This weekend may or may not have included ending up in a 80's grunge hangout (denim jackets included) where presumable self titled DJ Mr. Coco spoke some broken English words of wisdom...
  • "my name is Mr. Coco"
  • "make some loud"
  • "it makes me feel like oh my god"
  • "why is it so dark in heaven?"
  • "ladies get your booties moving"
All and all, a successful birthday number 1. 

(We also may have taught hipster Ukrainians how to electric slide - great success)

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  1. mmmm that cake looks delicious and such cute cards!! glad you had a good birthday #1 matt :)