Monday, October 10, 2011


One may presume this acronym to be similar to YMCA however you'd sadly be mistaken. The PYLC or the Poltava Youth Leadership Convention is a four day leadership summer training that goes on in Poltava (the oblast center) where students are bused in from all over the oblast to improve leadership and project design and management skills / hopefully чуть-чуть fun. While I didn't attend the training over the summer, a refresher weekend training was held which I was able to participate.

While this camp was mainly designed by PCVs, what separates it from other camps I've been involved in was that the activities were held in Ukrainian (or Russian). While I would like to say my Ukrainian is that supurb that I could teach a solid lesson on budgeting, sadly I cannot. Fortunately staffing the event were also Ukrainian trainers, who were awesome. In my village I seldom get to engage with Ukrainian twenty somethings so it was a welcomed change.

From my perspective the event was basically
  • lesson facilitating 
  • eating watermelon
  • forced embarrassment
  • painting
  • making monies
Now I feel I need to clarity
  • a watermelon eating competition was held to show students possible fundraising options. I happened to have eaten a massive lunch before hand, hence I lost
  • embarrassment will be left unclarified
  • painting refers to posters creation 
  • making monies refers to soliciting nationals to partake in a photo shoot to raise money for a kindergarden

In the words of Borat Sagdiyev

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