Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dnipro...blah blah blah Oblast

Disclaimer - this is the forth blog post of "catch up day". I most likely will not be proof-reading it for spelling or grammatical errors. 

My last week in Aug was spent making my way between the two huge industrial cities of Kryvyi Rih - Кривий Ріг and Dnipropetrovs'k - Дніпропетровськ in the Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast. The 8.5 hour Myrhorod - Kryvyi Rih bus ride (from hell) was not the ideal way to get pumped up for camp but thankfully I had a fellow Poltavian Megan and curb side / swiss army knifed cheese, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber sandwiches to ease the awfulness. Literally a fellow passenger almost died on the bus. 
I was in Kryvyi Rih for yet another Summer camp - Camp LEAD; which was a English immersion leadership camp for 16-21 year old students that myself and maybe 15 other PCV's were a part of. We all were housed in this old soviet hotel that made The Shinning + Hostel seem like a mashup potentially possibility - creepy hallways, abandoned basements, flickering lights, eerily quiet and deserted hallways at night. However I will say that's what made it really fun to explore. 

We each were responsible for a group of 10-15 students. "The 7G's" aka my group was of course the найкраща група. We placed first in the best skit award for our awesome rendition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone as a soup opera. 
They also gave me some sweet new Russian and Ukrainian bands and movies that I need to get on downloading. Anyways, highlights of the week in the form of words and photos.
  • campers getting highly into watching The Mighty Ducks to the point where they were cheering when goals were scored
  • teaching the kids dodgeball
  • Ukrainian independence day park festivities 
  • characatchers of some of the PCVs

It was actually really sad when the week ended, good thing these kids took no time in friending my on Vkontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook). 

The weekend in Dnipro was pretty relaxing as well - seeing how we stayed at a fellow 41er Kathryn's sweet pad. Got to see some sites, cook some good food, and just chill before school starts.
I got home on the 28th with just enough time to relax for a day before that which is school began.

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