Saturday, August 20, 2011

Сорочинський Ярмарок - Sorochyntsy Fair

Good news amigos who may visit me next year in August - another must see event right next to where I live! From Aug 16-21 there is one of the largest (it's massive) and most well known festival that takes place in Ukraine and is conveniently only about 30 minutes away form where I live. Let's just say I started getting couch surfing requests from Ukrainians.

Anyways, it's ridiculous. It's like a music festival / carnival / dance party / Wal-mart / bazaar. You can do / buy just about anything there. For expamle, you can...
  • go zorbing
  • go zip-lining / rock climbing
  • buy cars, winter coats, massage chairs
  • ride rollar coasters
  • listen to live traditional Ukrainian music
  • buy traditional garb
  • eat / drink at much shawarma, shasleek, kvas, pivo, etc...

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