Thursday, August 04, 2011

First Бандероль Landed

Figured I'd share the winners of the first person or persons to send me something - unsurprisingly, it was my parents (friends, you're laggin')! 

In Kozelets when you received packages you had to go to the post office to pick it up yourself however my packages here in the village get delivered straight to the front door - however there was no service with a smile, the man was complete brick face. 

Anyways, here's the goods that landed. 
The snack food, updated guide book, and camera lens couldn't have come at a greater time! I leave today (at midnight) on a 14.5 hour overnight train to L'viv for a "excursion" with a few other PCVs. Maybe I'll share the oreos with some random Ukr's on the train however the Kit-Kats are all mine (and I'm not afraid to use my Ukr or Rus safety phrases to keep it that way). 

Thanks again familia. 


  1. Is that a... flask? And where's the post that has your address? Can I really send you un-ripe avocados?

  2. 1. It was a groomsmen flask from Dennis and Ryndi's wedding. They got them made/engraved for the important people - I obviously felt special. Still need to work on sending a card board cut out of myself for future absenties to important events. Any website ideas?

    2. You missed my Veruca Salt shout out new address post? Telepath powers less effective over long distances? Tell me this can not be true.

    3. It takes like a week to send stuff here so in theory if you get really un-ripe avos they'll get here just in time - you just gotta be secretive about it because I don't think you're supposed to send fruits and vegies over international postage.