Sunday, January 01, 2012

... 58, 59, happy new years!?

highly recommend not having the audio up too loud
some "woo girl" decided to scream right by the mic

yes... ukraine does a "count up", and yes, we were just as befuddled.

i guess i shouldn't have assumed that everyone partakes in a count down but come on, who would have ever though, a count up? in retrospect, it does actually make more sense, with seconds adding up to the new year. oh ukraine, you always surprise me.

kiev had their electric ish in order because it was a led central.
but honestly, in the words of the famous barney stinson new years in kiev was "legen...dary".
by the end of the evening, I ended up finding a few things...
i found my twin
i found my sitemate
i found my cluster
i found a sparkler
i found fireworks
i found a mask
the day after was also a site to see. i'm not quite sure if kids here actually believe in santa when you can find 20 of them roaming around khreschatik

best new years hands down

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