Monday, July 18, 2011

Poltava "Екскурсія"

First off, mini cultural moment, Ukrainians love the term excursion (екскурсія). In English it's a word seldom used and is usually saved for a more extreme/grand activity, however in Ukraine well... here's some наприклади (examples).

you could...

  • explore a new city - екскурсія
  • go for a hike - екскурсія
  • be going down the street to pick up some groceries - екскурсія
  • go visit a friend in the next town - екскурсія
  • go visit a friend in your town - екскурсія
  • go visit a friend two houses down - екскурсія
so I think you get it, I'm sure you have things like carmageddon in LA on your mind, but enough with the tangent, this post is dedicated to Poltava, my oblast center.

My counterpart and myself went yesterday on a bus tour which turned out pretty sweet. I won't bore you with words because the pictures can speak for themselves. I guess I'll split it up into sections.

Cathedrals / Churches / Monasteries

Featuring (in order of appearance)

    Museums / Statues / Monuments

    Featuring (in order of appearance)

    Pictures of me

     my counterpart forced me to do this - however I won't lie, it's pretty funny

    I think that about raps up this екскурсія

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