Sunday, July 10, 2011


So one may ponder what do volunteers do for the three months during summer? The answer my friends are SUMMER CAMPS and/or TRAVELING!!

Given my noobie status, and a lack of knowledge of well... everything, I was fortunate enough to be recruited to such an opportunity along with the other two new volunteers in my rayon to partake in a week long summer camp (July 1st - 8th) in the oblast just north of me, Sums'ka, in the town of Okhtyrka. The theme of the camp was primarily on prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS as well as volunteerism, teamwork, and active citizenry. Let's just say I ended up having a blast!

Because PCV's are awesome, most apply and receive grant money to support these camps - in the case of Camp HEAL, food and lodging was completely free for councilors! This camp was located on this resort compound which had this weird "world" themed. And when I say "world" themed, I mean each room was named after a city around the globe (except for Mexico, which was just Mexico... always screwed over).

The camp was an English immersion camp run by volunteers and a couple nationals so all the lessons were done completely in English. The students ranged from 9th to 11th formers as well as university students from all over Ukraine. It was amazing to see some of the levels of English. I ended up being more of a logistical aid to the directors of the camp as well as photographer and help facilitate a few lessons. It was great meeting other volunteers both near and far my site, as well as veteran and noobie. Hearing about their experiences in service was a great way to better grasp what my experience could be like - and now I'm super excited! 

Here are some highlights from Camp HEAL. 
yay for grant money!
had to go big for July forth
Ivan Kupala - July sixth and seventh
aka best Ukr holiday
group pic

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