Monday, June 06, 2011

Maracas & Capture the Flag

Honestly, what could be better? 

So the Summer Camp & Community Project we've been planning for quite some time now is now finished (at least at my school), and I have to say I'm happy with how it turned out. 

Day 1 (5/30)
Sports Day

Anne began the day with a lesson on sportsmanship regarding the qualities of a good athlete / teammate. The class really seemed to enjoy applying what they've learned on a simple maze teams had to maneuver. Certain members of each team were blind, couldn't use their feet, speak, touch. Kym took a pretty funny video that hopefully I'll get to put up eventually. 

The second part of the lesson Anne and myself taught. We taught the kids how to play Human Knot and Capture the Flag. It was fun to get the class outside to do some activities on such a nice day. 

Human Knot went over fine and making it a competition between genders fueled their desire to win. 
Capture the Flag was apparently a new game to them - which was a fun surprise. While we thought we explained the rules well enough, we found out they weren't in depth enough... ha. The students began to throw the flag from teammate to teammate. While i thought it was rather clever - It took a few rounds to find out what else we needed to explain.
some played with backpacks on... I don't know why
Day 2 (5/31)
Health Day

The second day of camp was dedicated to a topic we had to cover - health. As well as having a photo-shoot apparently as well. 
oh Lyuda... so mysterious
we were very prepared
I go to solo teach for the first time on Nutrition (Claire I know you're so proud). It actually ended up probably being my favorite lesson. I explained the effects of healthy and unhealthy eating had the kids create diets and posters regarding situations and why it's important to eat healthy. 
The second part of the day was on Positive decision making that Anne and Maria taught. The lesson was set up well in it's ability to push the students English ability. Some of the answers were rather sophisticated - which was funny / surprising from a class that chose to avoid speaking English for the most part during the 8 Weeks we taught there. 
final photo with the 8th formers
Day 3 (6/2)
Volunteerism Seminar

The final day of camp was the implementation of our community project - which was on volunteerism and civil duty. 

While the room we had to teach in that day was like being inside a microwave - the powerpoint Kym made was spot on. 

We had the kids make maracas out of recycled bottles that we painted white. We had the kids fill them with rice and paint on them. These will later be donated to the toddlers at the social service center to play with along with school supplies and resources we fundraised. 
and their painting...
and still painting...
Couple of the favorites
Final Day (6/8)
Community Project Implementation

The final part of our project was to drop off the maracas and 300 dollars worth of school supplies we fundraised for to the kids at the Social Services Center. I think they liked them. 

Apologies for the old school soviet black and white - I had the wrong setting on my camera.
WIth only a week left in Kozelets, I can't believe it's almost over - it's this mixed feeling of sadness and excitement for what is next to come. 

But I will say our garden is growing - which is really what is important!!
Stay tuned for my permanent site placement and Swearing in Ceremony in Kyiv - 4 Day Вечірка! 

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