Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I want a бандероль and I want it now Daddy!

In the brilliantly crafted / now altered words of Veruca Salt - I'm ready to receive some lovin. 

So I have a new address! And yes it's a tad bit complicated and may contain some cyrillic letters. However, please don't fear.

Due to Regional Manager's request, my address can be provided via email - mtbradySD@gmail.com

So you do need to provide both the English and Ukrainian versions on the package however feel free to copy, paste, and print or try writing it if you've simply taken interest in learning a new alphabet. 

If you do plan on sending me something, please let me know so I'll actively look for the slip in the mail. 

The contraints of what you can send international still exists to maybe check out HERE for info. So long as you claim that the package contents are less then $200 you should be fine with customs. And I also recommend not itemizing everything in it - just simple things like clothes and school supplies or something.

I'm in no particular need of anything specific however I'm open to any and all things. Kym, my cluster mate, has already received three 20lbs boxes from home during Pre-Service Training so y'all have a bit to catch up to.

Anyways, if you have any more questions, let me know and I'll help ya out. 

*cough* Kit Kats, N-64 (with Smash Bros), Trader Joes things, Target tee's / merchandise, moleskines, etc...


  1. Fine, I'll accept a Wii instead. I'm sure my Babusia roommate would love Wii tennis.

  2. If I send you clothes they are going to be colorful...