Friday, November 04, 2011

Saving princesses and growing staches...

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Before I begin I'd like to say this rooster outside my window is seriously killin' my writing buzz. So Halloween is generally not celebrated in Ukraine, which I believe is rooted in Ukraine's strong connection with Catholicism. However in bigger cities you can find Halloween creeping in different aspects: with posters for clubs and discos and decorations in chain stores. 

Being a personal fan of horror movies and eating candy, I guess you could say I too enjoy Halloween. Tragically however, the 31st usually falls during Ukrainian school system's autumn break. With a desire to scare some students, my Halloween ended up being four fold including two costumes.
  1. my sitemate in the city held a zombie disco event at her Gymnasia
  2. the annual volunteer Halloween celebration in Kharkiv
    • including oblast themed costumes
    • a window view of one of the Euro 2012 stadiums from the finest unrated hotel one could book a hundred people
    • and taking a stroll in the biggest public square in Europe
  3. tricker treating in my school office
    • sadly very few students showed up
    • upside, I ate all the leftover candy
  4. Halloween themed english clubs
    • explaining that the current holiday isn't about anything more than candy and practical jokes went over well
I truly hope this requires no caption

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