Friday, May 13, 2011

Mary-Kathryn Hart Celebrity Post!

First let me say that I am probably not Matt's favorite clustermate, but I am contending for that position.  In the almost seven weeks/seven months Peace Corps time I have learned lots about Matthew:
  1. He really hates it when we call him girl's names...sometimes I try not to, but that frustrated grunt he does is just too fun some days! 
  2. He really likes us, eventhough he says he wishes he had a cluster with another boy or two or three....and I do believe that some days he would truly trade us for men...but most days, he'd keep us. 
  3. If you do not feed Matt every 3-4 hours he gets sassy, if he goes longer than that he gets REALLY sassy!! (Today he told me "They're Banana Republic Pants, NOT sassy pants") 
  4. Matt is the best arts and crafts-er I know. 
  5. Matt enjoys jumping off things, especially monuments. When you come to visit Matt, we will go to a big city and visit some lovely historical places and you can see this first hand. 
  6. Don't tell him I told you, but he is a gentleman...possibly a bit forced living with all girls...but he makes sure we're safe! 
  7. Matta has these one liners that can make a bad day better or a good day great!!Don't worry 
Phyllis, I worry enough to give myself heartburn about my cluster every day, but Matthew is a smart boy and has good senses. And he does usually walk us home, except Kym, but that's really because she lives about 50 minutes in the wrong direction. 

I believe Kym said this already, but I'll risk repetition because its true: Matt is a great teacher and an asset to our cluster and the Peace Corps!!!

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