Friday, January 28, 2011

Ukraine Bound

So I guess it's about time I created on of these memoirs for my upcoming adventure. I've seen PCV's (Peace Corps volunteers) with them since their application was submitted, which puts me back say nine months from posts I guess I should have been making - so sue me.

Anyways, so it comes to find out I'll be moving to Ukraine (not "the" Ukraine) and being a Youth Development volunteer in the not so far future. I'm currently in the process of going over my packing list and realizing my Californian wardrobe needs a big update for me to survive in the Ukrainian winters to come... but I'm totally excited anyways!

My actual departure date is March 21st. I will most likely be flying to Washington, DC and partake in an orientation event with the other 110 Group 41 Ukraine PCV's. After that, all 110 of us will hop on a plane and lose 10 hours of our lives (time difference) and land in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) and start my Pre-Service Training! 

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